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definner2 What We Do

Criminal defence barristers are a highly skilled and experienced team of barrister who specialise in criminal law.

General crime

We represent individuals and business and have been involved in all types of criminal case.
Typical examples include motoring and road traffic offences, murder and other violent offences, burglary, robbery and theft, fraud offences, drug offences and all sexual offences whether recent or historic. Criminal defence barristers also currently represent those facing regulatory or licensing prosecutions and routinely advice from the earliest stages much like a solicitor.

Members of our criminal defence team also advise regularly on appeal against conviction and appeal against sentence. In many cases we have had success where others advised in the negative.

Business crime and fraud

Our criminal defence barristers have been involved in all of the following: diversion fraud, fraudulent trading, advance fee fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering, MTIC and carousel fraud, VAT fraud, revenue and tax fraud, directors disqualification, restraint orders, pension fraud, confiscation orders, insurance fraud, SFO investigations and prosecutions among many others.

Motoring and Road Traffic

Criminal defence barrister represent many clients in motoring and road traffic matters. The impact of points and loss of licence can be devastating particularly for those who require a licence for their employment. Advice at the earliest stages can make a significant difference to the outcome. We have dealt with hundreds of cases and always focus on the outcome.

A practical approach from the beginning ordinarily achieves the best outcome. We are able to assist in conference with questions about any issues for all motoring offences.

Our defence barristers have assisted with all of the following: Careless driving, dangerous driving, death by dangerous driving, drink driving, failure to provide a specimen, driving whilst disqualified, driving whilst using a mobile phone, driving without a licence and driving without insurance, speeding, exceptional hardship, getting your licence back, special reasons, taxi licensing, toting offences, motoring fraud and any other offences whether you appear in court or not.

Regulatory offences

Due to our experience in other tribunal work criminal defence barristers advise and represent in relation to food regulations offences, health and safety matters and environmental offences. We have been involved in two of the largest Environment Agency prosecutions this year.

We also regularly assist those facing investigation or action in relation to licence revocation by Local Authorities or other public bodies.